I Love You – EP

The eponymous title has support from Steve Demitri and Colin Gibson as the rhythm section. Recorded at the same time as No.1, soon to be remixed along with input from friends, Gez Donnelly, Donna Terenzi, Richard Anstey and Rick Pentecost. The E.P. is being produced by Jimmy Goodwin (Sussex Road Studios) and the supporting tracks are guided by the phenomenal drummer and well-loved, Liam Genockey along with (once again to mention) Gez Donnelly. The E.P. will be a forerunner for the currently worked on ‘Love, Angst & Hope’ album.

Love, Angst & Hope

As highlighted by the ‘I Love You – EP’ prologue… Liam, Gez, Jimmy and myself are slowly pushing on with this album and hope to release it by the new Summer.

Ambrey Way

Based on the Katjam (Part Deux) band and the recently released e.p. The album will show (pretty much) half of the material currently on our So Happy – EP. Then we hope to continue working on several more albums including… ‘Human Concrete’, ‘Reggae And Soul’, and ‘In Sane Insanity’. A big musical venture I would like to take on at some point in the future to fulfil a dream, would be the Katjam trilogy (if the guys are in on the trip)… A project of three original double albums, the first being’ called ‘Welcome’ (white), the second titled ‘Soul Food’ (blue) and the final ‘With Big LOVE’ (black).

Take A Moment Out Of Your Day – EP

These are a collation of profoundly meaningful songs, I’ve been wanting to re-record for over a decade, but now I’m feeling confident in sharing these with the thanks to Katalyst Recordings Ltd. on SoundCloud. Though this is with the intent of possibly re-recording at some stage with an orchestra and rhythm section.

London (Demo’s) – EP

Again, recorded some years back and with collaborations between Katbro, Gerald and Katwoman (Gina), now once again thanks to Katalyst Recordings Ltd. we now are feeling confident that at some point in the very near future we will strive to release a digital download via our distributor (EMU Bands). Meanwhile the demo’s will be shared via SoundCloud. Stay Tuned!

Another Spoonful – EP

Looking to master 4 tracks passionately played in 2009 by myself, Mr Pat Valentine and Andy Burkes to Producer and sound engineer, Roland Clarke who guides the editing, mixing and mastering process. Some have said this is my most interesting work to date, Katalyst Recordings Ltd. is confidently happy to release these at some point very soon, though negotiations with the team are needed first.

Words (Poetry Book and Audio)

The book is a collection of my favourite poems written over the past twenty years (approx). Presently recording my baby grand piano and some guitar to support recitals, ‘Words’ will be able to hear on YouTube, maybe SoundCloud again in the near future, and hopefully available to buy online. Please feel free to listen to several demo’s on the site here.