Based on the south coast of England, Hastings has been a Great source of inspiration since my move here way back in the past millennium.  Meetin’ many musicians and creative types, growth as a musician and poet has naturally followed and lead to a prolific repertoire of heartfelt songs and poems. With life’s journeyin’ along the way, things have taken a different course than originally planned.  Though, now back on track striving to fulfil dreams and aspirations with supportive friends aiding in the music now slowly being released on the world wide web via Katalyst Recordings Ltd. Now with a vast amount of recorded demo’s (ranging from ballads through to reggae and rock, with a few punky ones in there too!), 20 albums are written!! and over 15 books of poems are penned!!! The hard work has been done! Just need to get more masters to release and be contented with… So, if there’s any potential sponsors out there? Please contact me here on this site, many thanks! Jonathan.